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Authenticitys: who said unicorns are legendary?

The case focuses on Authenticitys, an online platform that curates and co-designs social impact
experiences for people to travel, share, and learn together in unforgettable settings in the
world’s cities. Authenticitys’ ambition is to showcase the unique cultural heritage intrinsic of
destinations in a responsible way that adds value to the community and travellers alike making
tourism a true force for good. The case traces the history of Authenticitys, a start-up that caught
sight of a business opportunity in a current issue: over-tourism. From the choice to become a
certified B Corp, to the implementation of the Social Impact Report, the case both explores the
values and mission of the company, and focuses on the practices at the basis of its business
strategy. In a moment when the validity of the Silicon Valley model and the truthfulness of the
sharing economy are put into question, it examines its business model, leading students to
gather its originality and its related strengths and weaknesses. The case finally leads to the
analysis of the main challenges faced by the founders, and opens a discussion about the
feasibility of growing and remaining loyal to their core value: authenticity.

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