Candy Crush? Aligning Health, Business and Pleasure in the Chocolate Industry

After winning important battles against soda, governments and health activists are targeting chocolate bars because of their high sugar content, and some, like the UK government in 2017, have set strict targets on the amount of sugar and calories that can be contained in each chocolate bar. In addition to stricter regulation, large incumbent chocolate makers like Nestlé, Mars, Hershey, Cadbury, and Ferrero must manage evolving consumer tastes as well as new competition from healthier bars and snacks. How they respond can significantly impact public health and business performance, as well as the everyday experience of eating treats. Can health, business, and pleasure ever align in the chocolate industry?

AuthorsLaura Heely & Pierre Chandon
InstitutionINSEAD, France
Competition Year2018
PlaceThird Prize
TrackCorporate Sustainability
Key WordsMarketing, Food, Health, Obesity, Regulation, Packaging
CoursesCorporate Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics, Management, Green Marketing, Corporate Governance, Automotive Industry
Target AudienceMarketing courses, either an introductory course in marketing management or a more specialized course in brand management or consumer behavior
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posted June 7, 2018

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