oikos Lisbon is the social and environmental student club from Nova School of Business and Economics and the Portuguese chapter of oikos international, a student-led international organization that promotes sustainability in economics and management.
With the mission to educate and promote behavioural change towards a greener future, oikos Lisbon aims to excel in making a difference in Nova SBE’s Community.
We are a group of open-minded, non-conforming and visionary members highly engaged in fighting social and environmental issues. Working with the School’s Sustainability Office, with Portuguese education and social institutions, as well as several independent organisations widens our impact in the community.

oikos Lisbon runs 5 projects annually:

Performs internal and external consulting projects: internal consultancy for the sustainability office of the school, with the aim of making our university campus more sustainable; and external consultancy for external entities, such as NGOs.

Content Creation:
Aims to promote the education of environmental issues and sustainability matters inside and outside the school community, including curriculum changes in the bachelor’s program, articles, podcasts, and didactic activities at elementary schools.

Focuses on organising events for the community and team-building activities inside the club.

Focuses on developing, maintaining and stimulating a strong branding for oikos Lisbon. It aims at promoting the club’s events, projects and collaborations, as well as expanding its network.

Corporate Relations:
Brings organisations closer to oikos Lisbon’s members by establishing relationships with potential partners outside the school community.

Some of the activities developed in the 2020/2021 fall semester:

The Recycling Guide:
The Recycling Guide was created by oikos Lisbon in order to educate Nova SBE students and staff on how to properly sort their waste so that it can eventually be recycled. In the guide, readers find a section on waste sorting best-practices, as well as a short depiction of reasons for recycling and a FAQ.
This guide has the long-term goal to make Nova SBE’s students and staff aware about how important it is to properly sort their waste and to implement waste sorting best practices in their daily life.

Nova Second Hand Collection:
The @novasecondhandcollection Instagram account was created in order to continue oikos Lisbon’s mission on pursuing a more sustainability path at Nova SBE. This initiative aims at encouraging our community to purchase less fast fashion and, instead, swap or buy second-hand. Additionally, some useful tips related to the fashion industry are launched through the Reels section.

Meatless Monday:
Every monday, a vegan recipe is not only shared on our social media but also cooked by a member of our team on our main account. It is one of the most popular social media segments among our followers. Some of the recipes include: Bolognese, Summer Rolls and Red Thai Curry.

Weekly articles:
Every week an article of the most diverse topics related to sustainability are launched in our platform. It goes from the environmental impact of avocados to climate inequality. Go check it out: https://lisbon.oikos-international.org/category/articles/

Podcast “Green is the New Black”:
Green is the New Black is a fun and chill moment where we develop a sustainability-related topic. From co-hosting, to guests and even round table moments, this podcast intends to bring you all. So sit down, chill back, and go green.

Spotify – https://spoti.fi/2TMd1zC
Apple Podcasts – https://apple.co/327jCcp
Anchor – https://bit.ly/2GjwsMY

oiktionary:In order to engage with our community, oikos Lisbon every 2 weeks launches a fun and interactive quiz about the most diverse topics: plastic pollution, veganism, zero waste movement, etc. The winner gets to receive a cool price from a sustainability-related company.

Email: info@lisbon.oikos-international.org

President: Mariana Pacheco  

Address: Rua Holanda 1, 2775-405 Carcavelos