oikos Tbilisi is one of the leading student organizations regarding the topic of sustainable business. We empower students to understand the concept of sustainability in economics and management through a rich portfolio of projects. We believe that social, ecological and economic sustainability belong together and are essential elements for a better tomorrow. Therefore we try to reach as many students as possible and make sustainability a constant companion in their future decisions.

oikos Tbilisi runs different projects annually:

oikos Conference: The event features speeches, workshops and panel discussions that allow students to engage in dialogue with speakers on ideas and trends related to sustainable development in the global and regional economy.

oikos Green Week: The purpose of the project is to reach out to students in order to raise their awareness of various issues related to sustainable development. Various activities and workshops, whether sports, hygienic or aesthetic, may be incorporated into the project.

EcoMap: The goal of the project is to promote different categories of sustainable businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants, processing establishments, cosmetics or Clothes. Curricular Change – will give students a unique opportunity to dive into the theme of sustainability from different perspectives and get involved in the sustainability network in higher education to ultimately develop skills as change-agents, whatever their specialization and future professional role will be.

oikos Movie Screening: It aims to disseminate information about the processes going on around the world to students, which has given them a spectacular look. During the first phase of the project, the participants will watch the film on various heated topics, and at the end of the film we will discuss how they see the problem, whether there are ways to solve it and how to act.

oikos Junior: The project aims to provide basic information to the school children through their involvement, so we will get future students who are aware of sustainable development, who will be easier to communicate with in this field.

Email: info@tbilisi.oikos-international.org

Contact Person: Mariam Gergedava

Address: 27 Marjanishvili str. Tbilisi, Georgia

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