The information on this page will be updated with the development of the pandemic and the recommendations provided by the World Health Organization and respective national governments worldwide. 

Following consultations between the oikos International Board, the Management Team and the respective organizing teams, it was decided that the oikos International projects planned for 2020 will not be organized onsite as originally designed due to the COVID19 pandemic. 

The changes in place are meant to ensure maximum safety of participants’ health and prevent further spread of the disease, which is also in line with WHO recommendations and measures taken by the respective governments of the countries in which the events were originally meant to take place in. 

More information about the individual events will posted accordingly.

Information for all oikos Chapters

We highly recommend all oikos chapters to follow rules provided by their home country and to be in touch with their universities to know what are the event policies to comply with.  oikos International will provide the support for all the local chapters who wish to go online with their projects to help handle the challenge posed by the pandemic. An email has been sent to all chapters with the process to follow to make that happen. For the chapters who would need to gather to keep working (handover, planning online events, recruitment, board meetings, etc), the oikos International virtual office is at your disposal, feel free to use it. The link has been sent to you via email. If you have any questions or need any support, please feel free to contact

Archived information about past events in 2020

A call for all chapter representatives will take place on Thursday March 19th at 5pm CET (link to join in your chapter mailbox). It is made to give you tips on how to handle this challenging situation in your chapters with your members. We will share some tips, give some options and recommendations to transform this challenge into a great opportunity for your chapter, your members to keep having a local & international impact while learning and growing throughout the process. We will also be there to answer all the questions you may have.

The following is detailed information about individual oikos International upcoming events and programs.

oikos Winter School 2020

Winter School was scheduled to start on March 15 onsite in Witten, Germany, but due to rapid spread of COVID19 the conference has been cancelled until further notice.

With the uncertainty and the unpredictability of the situation in the coming months, the team is currently working on finding the best possible solution and is considering the option of holding the event on a later date.

More information will follow. The page will be updated regularly with relevant information on Winter School 2020.

For any questions, please contact:

oikos Curriculum Academy 2020

Dates: April 3rd to 5th


  • CURRICULUM REFORM NOW (April 3rd): online for all participants . Open to anyone, feel free to register here.
  • WHAT WE WISH TO LEARN (April 4th): only online
  • ACT FOR CURRICULUM TRANSFORMATION (April 5th): only online

The Academy was supposed to take place both online and onsite in Lausanne, Switzerland. However, the event will entirely take place online, with the exception of the Curriculum Reform open day. If the situation allows, it will be hosted on Friday, April 3 with the workshop and the debate onsite at the University of Lausanne. However, it will be only for people coming from Switzerland. Everyone outside Switzerland will be most welcome to join online, discuss and share their thoughts via zoom.

The program will be adjusted accordingly and team building and discussion spaces will be added to ensure a good and productive atmosphere. The organizing team is working hard to make sure that most participants can still hold their workshops in this online setting, as Zoom (the platform which will be used to host the events online) provides a lot of opportunities (show presentation, discuss in smaller groups, chat, etc.). 

Over the course of the following weeks, the program will be updated and time slots adjusted. The page will be updated regularly with relevant information about Curriculum Academy 2020. 

For any questions, please contact:

oikos Spring Meeting 2020

The Spring Meeting 2020, along with oikos Chapter Days and Legislative Assembly which were supposed to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan have been cancelled onsite. Instead the conference will be organized online, on the same topic ‘Change Involves All’ and with a focus on inclusivity.

Chapter Days: April 7th & 8th. Mandatory for one representative from each chapter, optional for all other members to join sessions according to the different topics. More information sent to each chapter via email and on oikos Intranet (podio). 

If any questions, please contact:

Legislative Assembly: April 9th at 4pm CEST.  Invitation in your chapter mailbox! Mandatory for one representative from each chapter, optional for all other members. 

If any questions, please contact:

Spring Meeting: April 17th, 18th and 19th on the topic ‘Inclusive Development’. Open to all members and alumni! More information will be available in the upcoming days. 

For any questions, please contact:

More information will be provided soon. The page will be updated regularly providing relevant information about Spring Meeting 2020.

oikos in Residence

oikos Residence is planned to take place in Turin, Italy in June 2020.

The current situation in Northern Italy is being monitored and the event will adapt accordingly as we get closer to June. The page will be updated regularly with relevant information about oikos in Residence.

For any questions, please contact:

For any general question regarding COVID19 and oikos international and local activities, please contact: