Apply for German Regional Facilitator position

We are looking for a German Regional Facilitator in order to foster the German region activities and keep the geographical advantage of the region!
The Regional Facilitator will have to ensure regular exchange between chapters and members regarding chapter matters, project cooperation, oikos international updates and regional sustainability topics, with a focus on building relationships between individuals and strengthen the oikos network on a more granular level than international meetings. He/she will also be part  of the Chapter Development Working Group (CDWG). There will be up to 9 facilitators (1 per region). ​

The responsibilities may include with the collaboration of Arthur Mària (vice-president of Chapters Matters):

        ●  General CDWG duties

        ●  Interface between oI Team and Chapters

        ●  Planning and facilitating regional calls

        ●  Strengthening social connections

        ●  Support chapters in organising regional on-site meetings

        ●  One-to-one contact with each chapter of the region in case of missing participation

To apply send an email to

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posted February 19, 2020

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