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[CLOSED] Join our team: We’re looking for an IT Volunteer (Workspace & Support)

oikos IT Volunteer (Workspace & Support)
Do you want to be part of a diverse team that is tending a global community of student change agents for sustainability? Do you have a background in IT and want to contribute to a meaningful purpose while using your skills? 

Then this is for you! 

What is oikos?
oikos is a community of student change agents that is working towards transforming management & economics education for sustainability. We are over 50 local groups, the so-called chapters, driving change in more than 20 countries worldwide with around 1000 active oikees every year.

Who is oikos International? 
oikos International, the umbrella organization, brings all of our members together. We are organized as a student-led nonprofit association that supports and fosters the network. Our initiatives focus on empowering student change agents in their leadership development and change initiatives for transforming their own education, as well as providing platforms for the community to come and grow together.

What is the role of the IT team of oikos International? 
The IT team of oikos International is part of the oikos International team. We support oikos International and the whole oikos community with IT infrastructure and IT support on different levels, be it by making sure that the website runs smoothly or by helping out with questions regarding the SaaS tools we use.

Your responsibilities

  • Managing our Google Workspace and email accounts
  • Coordinating our virtual Zoom office
  • Keeping track of and managing the SaaS software used by the international team
  • Making sure that oikos data is secure and reliably stored, according to our privacy standards
  • Supporting the team and the community in their work
  • Becoming and being a source of knowledge regarding Google Workspace and other tools we use

Your profile

  • You are inquisitive and quick to pick up new software and systems
  • You ideally have some experience working with productivity tools like Google Workspace
  • You love problem solving, and don’t shy away from evaluating multiple solutions to find the one that fits the best
  • You like supporting and interacting with people from all over the the world

What is in it for you?

  • Become part of a network of student change agents & alumni, working for a more just and sustainable future
  • Work with purpose in a dynamic & international team that walks the talk and values each individual team member
  • Gain insights about the day-to-day work of a fully remote-working, international NGO and its global opportunities and challenges
  • Develop and move forward ideas creatively in a trusting and safe space where you can take full ownership and responsibility of what you do
  • Participate in community events while meeting our oikos members from all around the world

Who are our volunteers?
Volunteers are autonomous members of the International team, trusted with particular projects in a certain area. They become part of our teams and take real responsibility in making oikos work.

Are you interested in joining our Crew? Contact us via email or directly apply here!

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