2013′s Best Writing and Ringing in the New Year as an Agent for the Press

Looking back at 2013: What made us what we are today

2013 started with a challenging assignment: Among the many conventional institutions around the world, the World Economic Forum opened up to youth. Our reporters created the first media footprint of young people covering the Open Forum of the WEF in Davos, Switzerland. Even though we were struggling to position our reporting among the WEF’s extensive media coverage, we studied the WEF media team closely, played around with different formats and developed an angle for looking at what we call fringe stories while Davos turned into a car park featuring German luxury cars. Watch for our upcoming coverage in 2014, when we expand our footprint to coverage of the previously inaccessible main Forum. We will also continue our commitment to offering the fringe angle by mentoring high school students in their hunt for local stories… Click here to continue reading.

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posted January 3, 2014

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