oikosNews30 seconds with new members of oikos International Management Team

30 seconds with new members of oikos International Management Team

13 January 2020 | News

This month we welcomed new members to the oikos International team and we’re very excited for them to introduce themself to the community. Meet Marcelo, Giuliana and Stefan

Giuliana Longworth, Case Program Manager

Hi I’m Giuliana!

I strongly believe in the power of movements and actions initiated by civil society and public authorities. It is this belief which has guided my personal and working experiences and what has brought me close to oikos.

Working for two European city networks on sustainability related topics has allowed to deal with public authorities and work on their immense potential impact into the market and society. I’m now looking forward to explore the possibilities of student-led changes in the world as I strongly feel a comprehensive transformation into a sustainable system needs to pass by and through students, future citizens and leaders of the world.

My stronger topics of interests are sustainable consumption, sustainable public procurement, nature conservation and environmental migration. As mentioned I am interested in the public sphere as much as in community-based action. As I enjoy collaborative and horizontal ways of collaboration I very much welcome feedback and notes for improvement as much as new propositions and initiatives.

If you are a student, contact me to use the cases to engage with professors from your university/Business School and together embed sustainability into your classes. If you are a professor, contact me to get the case you need for your class: 

Marcelo Veloso, Leadership and Sustainability fellow

Bom dia, Salut, Ciao, 你好, Hi!

I’m Marcelo Veloso, I hope we can collaborate soon!

Born in a rural area in Portugal, I grew up building tree houses in the woods and participating in world scouting activities.

Combining a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a master degree in Sustainability appeared as the background needed to tackle inequalities and sustainability issues. The skills acquired served to volunteer and work on different local youth-led organizations related to education for sustainability as Geneva Red Cross, Alternatiba Léman, EDD,  Step Into Action and Eduki, in Geneva.

At oikos International, I’m gathering international students and academics to foster innovation in sustainable management and leadership education. Furthermore, I’m advancing cooperation between Switzerland and Brazil in those fields, by working with Swissnex in Rio de Janeiro from March to October 2020.

Would you like to team up? –

Stefan Krasić, Communication Manager

Hi I’m Stefan and I recently joined the oikos International Management Team as the new Communications Manager.

I come from Belgrade, where I’ve been an oikos chapter member since 2017 and a student of International Relations at the University of Belgrade.

I’ve been devoted to oikos for quite some time now, starting at chapter level where along with the rest of the team I did my part in growing our young chapter. Being part of oikos Belgrade as Media team leader, Head of communication in the organizing team when we hosted last year’s Spring Meeting and also as the Chapter President provided me with so much experience and proved to be(and still is) an amazing learning opportunity.

I’ve been passionate about graphic design and writing for the best part of my life, and being part of oikos Belgrade for the first time allowed me to put it to greater use – in service of a common goal, mission and vision of oikos in promoting sustainability and being a part of the change for the sustainable world of tomorrow. It was only last year when we hosted oikees from around the world in Belgrade that I first came in touch with the international community and it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with it. As I wanted to get involved more I joined the this year’s LEAP program, which by is definitely one of the nicest things I’ve ever been a part of.

And to think just a few months later I’d become a part of the International team – doing the things I love, working with people I love and being a part of the best community in the world – now that’s a dream job!

You can reach out to me any time: