30 seconds with the FutureLab Team

You saw them rocking the mic on stage at the Impact Hub, they helped you get that third room key at the hostel, and they’ve been dancing in and out of your email inbox throughout the year, but how much do you really know about this year’s FutureLab team? The FutureLab doesn’t organize itself, and this year the event was put on by an awesome group of oikees, staff, alumni and Executive Board members. So, going left to right on the photo here’s the team:

Nurlan and Abdul, the Baku boys! Nurlan was part of last year’s EB, was the main contact point for all the speakers for the second day, and also moderated the plenary session on curriculum change. Abdul was our photo-videographer extraordinaire. If you haven’t already, check out his photos on the oikos Flickr.

Mariam and Alexandra, our great communicators. Mariam is oikos’ communications manager, and she took the lead on all external communications for the event. She’s the reason why the participants guide was so beautiful, and she’s the one behind all the clever social media posts you saw during the conference. By day Alexandra runs the oikos LEAP program, but by night she ran participants management for the FutureLab, sifting through applications, maintaining impeccable spreadsheets, and sending you the fourth and FINAL reminder to pay your FutureLab fee.

If you were at the event, you hopefully remember J.Christopher and Fanny—the ones who were talking at you all weekend! J.Christopher is the oikos associate, and was the team leader for the FutureLab. His primary job was finding all these other incredible teammates to run the show. He also took the lead on drafting the program and filling it with clever speakers and hip workshops. Fanny is an oikos Lund alumna and was the Queen of Day 1 speakers. She was also our go-to francophone, handling communications with the hotel, hostel, restaurant, and anyone else in Geneva that wanted to speak French.

Finally, we have Stefano, the oikos PhD Fellow who was an all-around helpful hand in the months leading up to the event and took the lead in organizing the Building a Better Curriculum workshop, and our Sustainability Squad: Karen and Tiphaine. Karen, from oikos Lille, and Tiphaine from the previous EB, spent some time thinking about how we could make the FutureLab itself a bit more sustainable, and then transformed into omnipresent worker bees once the FutureLab itself finally arrived.

So that’s us, the 2018 FutureLab team. Now it’s your turn to join up and do it all over again for 2019!

FutureLab Team 2018
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posted November 12, 2018

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