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A closer look into the projects | oikos Curriculum Camp 2021 in retrospect

After the success of the first oikos Curriculum Camp 2021, our team is excited to announce that we will host a second edition next year, this time in Barcelona! This year’s oikos Camp was conducted from August 23 to 28 in Sestriere, Italy. This picturesque town was the perfect fit to disconnect from the outer world and fully focus on our goal of transforming management and economics education for a sustainable world.

The purpose of the Camp was to provide a space for international teams to develop concrete projects related to transforming education, some of which already initiated in an oikos pre-event: FutureLab.

Over the five days we hosted 33 people from 17 different nationalities at the Camp. We provided the participants guidance on how to carry their projects successfully to completion, starting with project management, through creating a missing and vision, synergy and feedback sessions, finishing up with upscaling to increase the impact of their projects. The week was finalized with a presentation of all the projects to the public, however due to health concerns, we had to stick to an online format, hosting an open online Conference for everyone to join and learn about the projects. It also gave participants the opportunity to showcase their achievements, gather feedback and attract more volunteers to help with implementation.

Get to know the Camp projects

Teaching Economics in Italian Universities
Oleksandra and Michaela had been long recollecting data about economic syllabus and teaching methods in Italian Universities. They joined the Camp to find a common space and time to analyse all data collected and reached some really interesting conclusions. They are now preparing a follow-up strategy based on the improvement areas they identified.

Economy studies
The launch of Economy Studies: A New Approach to Economics Education was getting close and Sam and Joris found in the Camp the perfect place to enhance all the details. This new book aims at providing tools for reviewing curricular in a wide range of economic studies. It is now fully available at their website:

Ecological Economics Workshop
An international team composed of PhD and postdoc students concerned about the hurdles to implement pluralist economics in universities gather together in the Camp. They prepared a 2h workshop on Ecological Economics. The aim is to make this topic more accessible to students and create ways to envision the future for a sustainable planet. This workshop will shortly be accessible through oikos’ channels.

Positive Impact Rating
The Positive Impact Rating, an innovative survey that measures the best universities for the world, is on the rise. Hence, the management team along with three student coordinators from different universities joined the camp in order to develop strategies to hold successful PIR campaigns within the faculties. The project provided tools for spreading knowledge about PIR and providing support to student coordinators in forms of interviews, toolkits etc. You can see their input here: Meet PIR students!

Sustainable Finance Toolkit
The sustainable finance lead met with four international volunteers in Camp in order to develop the Sustainable Finance Toolkit. The project strives to become a platform that is useful for students interested in the field as a space of co-creation. The toolkit includes: interviews with professors, participatory articles, practitioners’ experience, career map and a lot more. It has been released at oikos international website (Welcome to the Toolkit! – Sustainable Finance) and is still open to collaborations.

Curriculum Review
A team from oikos Barcelona gathered at Camp to achieve two different outcomes: to develop a common guideline of curricular review that will be helpful for oikos chapters already engaged in Curricular Transformation and to develop a platform to centralize useful resources related to Curriculum Change. You can see their results here!

Decolonizing Economics
Similar to the Ecological Economics Workshop, economic students from Norway and Spain joined the Camp to develop a Workshop on Decolonising Economics and make this topic more accessible to students around the world.

LEAP Tools
As a leadership tool provided by oikos, LEAPalumni gathered at Camp in order to draft different workshops for implementing leadership coaching at a local level. Their toolbox has triggered the interest of 3 partner organisations who would like to create a leadership program within their own organisation with the help of the team and there is an introduction workshop planned that is open to all partners and chapters. You can find their work here!

Pluralist Economics Certificate Project
The Certificate Project team worked out a plan of how to promote pluralist course accreditation for the next few years by drafting the vision and project plan for the coming period, while assessing prior project routes and their successes and continuing barriers. Their project is embedded in other activities of the German speaking Network Pluralist Economics. More information here.

Stay tuned to be part of the Camp experience in 2022!! News coming up in January.