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A new Finance PhD Fellow joins oikos

Stefano Ramelli, oikos PhD fellow in “Finance & Sustainability” at the University of Zurich’s Department of Banking and Finance



I’ve always been interested in financial and economic education as a way to foster an active and broader participation in our society, but also to stimulate practical solutions to make the economic system more sustainable and inclusive. The activities of oikos follow these same principles and values, and I will be extremely happy and proud to contribute to them as a PhD fellow.


I have studied economics at the University of Milan­Bicocca and at the University of Edinburgh, trying to maintain interdisciplinary interests and an eye on the problems of the real world. After an internship at the European Commission, I’ve spent 5 years in the field of social finance and social responsible investments. I’ve particularly worked on the assessment of environmental, social and governance risk factors in banking and other financial sectors. It’s just a piece of the puzzle, but I believe that the integration of non­financial considerations in financial decisions (either by individuals or large institutions) is a key element of a more sustainable economy.

The oikos PhD fellowship is indeed an excellent opportunity for me to increase my understanding of financial research, bringing my contribution through the lens of sustainability. Thanks once again to oikos and to the Department of Banking and Finance for the trust and support in giving me this opportunity. I’m also really looking forward to getting inspired by the many brilliant students of the oikos network, passionate as I am about finding the right questions ­ and possibly some answers! -­ to make finance a better place.