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A soon to be oikos Rotterdam Organizes Event on Critical Thinking and Negotiation Skills

At the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, students kicked-off – its first event on Wednesday, 13 January. The lecture, presented by Emeritus Professor Slawomir (Slawek) Magala, focused on critical theory and alternative approaches to knowledge and business.


“The lecture was really interesting and inspiring, I’m definitely going to be there for the other lectures as well!” one of the participants commented directly following the lecture. Professor Magala talked about his role in the historical start of Critical Theory in business curriculum, about the nature of knowledge nowadays, and about current global issues, e.g. the refugee crisis. What made the lecture interesting was the alternative perspective from which Professor Magala looks at subjects, challenging the common beliefs and views on issues. He encouraged everyone to think deeper, about the underlying reasoning, or lack thereof. The key take-away message was that written knowledge in textbooks is not the most important thing we learn at university. What is most important, is activating the skill of critical thinking and the art of negotiation, because those skills represent what

knowledge is today.

Professor Magala’s opinion about this co-curricular lecture series was positive. -“Great to work with interested and intelligent students”, he commented afterwards. If you are interested in more inspiring lectures like this one, stay tuned for the next event in the Sustainability Lecture Series organized by the, soon to be, oikos Rotterdam. 18 February, the subject of Sustainable Marketing will be facilitated by Jan Looman.


See more photos of the event here.


Written by: Eva De Lozanne