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Achieving the seemingly impossible by Chris Taylor

To conclude our recent five-day programme in the Republic of Georgia we did an exercise where a group sits down without using chairs. You may have been part of this yourself. Forming a tight circle, each person sits on the knees of the person behind. Through collective effort, the seemingly impossible is achieved. It’s a lot of fun – often causing surprise and hilarity in equal measures.

It seemed a fitting way to end. The theme of our event was Management Education for a Better World – an in-depth exploration of how we can use collaborative approaches to learning to develop collaborative approaches to solving the world’s challenges.


The event was hosted by Oikos International, the global student movement for sustainability. It was co-facilitated by two students from Austria, Anna Beyer and Julia Weber, whom I have been mentoring for the last two years. We have co-facilitated sessions in New York, Switzerland and at the Paris Climate Talks, all supported by our partners at GRLI who have been keen to support the next generation of responsible leaders. This was by far our longest and most demanding session.


Georgia is an incredibly interesting country. It nestles between continental Europe, Turkey and the Middle East. Not surprisingly its history is rich, its culture is diverse and its traditions are strong. Georgia has been a more or less intact nation since around the sixth century and was introduced to Christianity in the fourth century…



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