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Central-Eastern Europe Regional Meeting 2020 Tbilisi

oikos CEE meeting is an annual event of oikos hosted by different chapters of the CEE region. The objective of the oikos CEE Regional Meeting 2020 is to gather an international community of oikos members, university students and partners with the aim to share ideas about different perspectives of sustainable development. The Meeting is going to be held at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (Tbilisi, Georgia) on 25-27 September 2020. Alongside with oikos chapters, alumni in business, government, faculty members at leading universities for Economics and Business, different partners are supporting our project as well. We believe it is time to bring all of us together and accelerate sustainability perspectives. The conference will be held with both, online and onsite facilities.

Participants will receive certificates of attendance.

Working Language: English

Goals of the CEE meeting 2020
⚫ Raise local and international youth awareness on global sustainability challenges and opportunities
⚫ Analyze the challenges of the educational environment in the region and take international best practices to integrate sustainability into teaching and research
⚫ Work on real business cases and find the solution which can be implemented in real life
⚫ Acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about the role of corporations, small businesses, and startups, governments and universities in sustainable development.

Structure of the conference
Change in the World
The day will focus on sustainability challenges and opportunities on a global level. Invited speakers from international organizations, government and policymakers will share their perspectives on SDGs and sustainability in general.
Change in Business
This day will be a chance to listen to and interact with large, medium and small companies and entrepreneurs. Participants will have a chance to work on real business cases and offer their solutions.
Change in the Classroom
The last day will make the connection between major sustainability challenges of our time and what is taught in economics and management degrees.

The importance of sustainable development is constantly upgrowing all around the world. Nowadays, each country tries to disclose Sustainable Development Goals by encouraging the population for action.
The main subject of the Davos Economic Forum has been sustainable development for the last several years, which shows the importance of sustainability for governments, businesses, and society in sum.
Besides the importance of the topic, there are many social, environmental, and economical challenges in the world. Our planet is already beyond the boundaries imposed by the environment, that for one’s part is depicted in climate change.
In such circumstances, action from government, business, and society is the most vital for me, for you and for us. The scientific community has the power to suggest innovative ideas and solutions to the government and business.
2020 is the year of rethinking and reconsidering many things, it is time for big and small institutes to upgrade their actions through more sustainable ways.


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