Community Impact Contest – Share your work with the world!

Our diverse community of student changemakers is always thriving with action and innovative ideas towards sustainability. The work of our chapters, may it be recurring events or new initiatives, deserves to be showcased and celebrated. Let us introduce: the chapter impact contest!

With this unique opportunity to present their work to a wider audience, we wish to celebrate the incredible effort and the impact they are creating at their local campus and beyond. Our students deserve the spotlight, they are the inspiring leaders for a better tomorrow and their projects are just one sign for the unstoppable drive for change within our community.

In order to do so, oikos International has developed the oikos Impact Matrix. It is a tool to track & trace the impact of our whole community, with a focus on real-time accountability and the stories behind our work. Next to oikos International initiatives, chapter projects play a special role in this showcase.

The oikos Community Impact Contest is a fun, participatory and engaging way to invite our chapters into co-creating the matrix as it gives them an opportunity to share their most important projects. While celebrating each other’s work, this will provide a platform to learn, exchange and get inspired within & beyond the oikos community. 

To host a truly meaningful contest, we call you – all oikos Chapters – to participate boldly!

  • Participate: Hand in all projects that you would like to share with our global oikos community, by filling this form (5-10 mins). This way, you will get a chance to share the work of your chapter with the world. Tell us your story behind the project and inspire some hearts from the community. You can be as creative as you wish 🙂
  • Vote: The community will get to vote during the International Chapter Conference (ICC) in Graz (21.4 – 24.4) where each and every oikee will be able to vote online on their preferred projects and initiatives. The voting will be held online and available for everyone, regardless if they’re attending the conference or not.
  • Celebration & Publication: The initiatives with the most votes from four categories (learning, leading, living & organizing) will be announced on the last day of the ICC (24.4.2022) and will be presented on the oikos International website. There will be a special price for all listed initiatives 🙂 Only thing left : CELEBRATION!

Reach out to us in case there are any questions on: 

Let the games begin, enjoy the contest!

oikos International Team

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oikos International

posted April 1, 2022

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