Emotional Literacy – NexGenLead Interview Series

Making progress in different fileds, from science and technology, through education to diplomacy – calls for responsible and sustainable leaders to step up and be the drivers of the change. In a complex systems of interdependant elements, these leaders present a lever to push that needs to be placed in just the right spot to put it in motion in all of it’s complexity. But in order to know when, where and how to act they need to have a deep understanding of the interdependencies within the systems and between the system and themselves, integrating reflections of ethics and values in a way that decisions of greater positive impact are made.

Our NexGenLead project, organized in partnership with swissnex Brazil in 2020 and supported by Movetia aimed to do just that by shaping future leaders, equipping them with skills and knowledge for responsible and sustainable decision-making. The project created some amazing learning materials on Responsible Leadership. Among those materials are the NexGenLead interviews with inspirational leaders which promote the exchange of ideas towards Responsible & Sustainable Leadership.

Over the summer we will be sharing a selection of interviews, featuring inspiring stories and each of them discussing a competency linked to Sustainable Leadership.

In this second NexGenLead interview of the series, rounding up a block on the topic of Self-awareness, Clémentine Robert, former president of oikos International, talks about the importance of recognizing emotions and their meaning, on the journey of becoming a better Responsible Leader, able to face the adversities of life and have more empathy, among other skills. On Youtube, the subtitles are available in Portuguese or English!

This is the second interview in the series, you can watch the first one here.

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oikos International

posted July 12, 2021

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