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Farewell to the oikos Foundation: Launching the Next Phase

On June 25, 2019, oikos had the pleasure of hosting a farewell party for the oikos Foundation to celebrate its impact during the last three decades before it formally closes its doors in the coming months and oikos thus turns into a fully student-led organization.

The oikos Foundation was launched in the spring of 1990 as a result of the successful engagement by the students of oikos St. Gallen for a foundation to support the integration of ecological issues into research and teaching of economics and management.

Since then the foundation has come a long way. In 1991 and 1992, it welcomed the first oikos visiting professors to the University of St. Gallen. In 1993, it was among the initial funders of the university’s Institute for Economy and Ecology. A few years later, it supported the establishment of oikos International as the new umbrella organization of oikos chapters around the world. The oikos Young Scholars Academies, the oikos Virtual Campus, the oikos Case Writing Competition as well as the oikos PhD Fellowships are examples of the many activities that followed. These programs enabled young scholars to take up research in sustainability, created novel and inspiring teaching materials for universities worldwide and facilitated the integration of sustainability into economics and management faculties across the globe.   

Over the last years, a significant part of the foundation program has been devoted to supporting the impact of oikos International and the impressive engagement of the local oikos chapters that are its members. “Today, with close to 50 oikos groups worldwide and with an amazing team of students in the driving seat, we want to give the entire organization into the hands of the young generation and turn oikos into a fully student-led initiative. We are greatly looking forward to this next phase”, said Alexander Barkawi, President, oikos Foundation. 

After the delightful farewell event in Cabaret Voltaire celebrated with kind wishes from long-time oikos friends and great Delinat wine, the oikos Foundation will formally close its doors in the coming months. 

Mark Wade, a current foundation trustee will continue his engagement in oikos as a member of the international advisory council. oikos trustees Alexander Barkawi, Mathias Binswanger, Thomas Dyllick, and Gary Steel are ending their oikos roles with the foundation’s closing. 

Thank you hugely for all your guidance and support in the past decades!