oikosNewsFinancial Times: Nordics lead the way in green business education

Financial Times: Nordics lead the way in green business education

27 January 2020 | News

Julia Köhler of oikos Copenhagen was recently featured in the Financial Times article covering the integration of sustainability into curriculum across Scandinavian countries. Nordic countries are often regarded as leaders in the field of integrating sustainability into various aspects of everyday lives. Therefore, it’s not surprising their business schools have also earned the reputation for implementing the best such practices in research, teaching, student projects and operation management.

The Nordic cultures live on a set of values in many ways distinctive to the region that involve individual’s duty to the society which then translates to local business and governments, impacting their behavior. Among those values, the state of the environment and social issues rank highly and implementing them into the higher education comes as logical next step. That, in turn, leads to creating a curriculum that is aware of the environmental and societal issues while also attempting to tackle them.

The global position of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland as leaders in sustainability and green business makes them particularly appealing to international students. Among them is Julia who studies business with a focus on sustainability who came to Copenhagen from her native Germany in search of quality and affordable education. There she got involved in oikos Copenhagen working hard with other chapter members in spreading awareness of sustainability at her school.

This is a brief summary of the article originally published by the Financial Times. You can read the full article here.