oikosNewsGermany Meeting 2017: To Grow or Not To Grow

Germany Meeting 2017: To Grow or Not To Grow

30 May 2017 | News

From 12 to 14 May oikos Germany Meeting 2017 took place in Bayreuth. The event gathered members and alumni under the title To Grow or Not To Grow to discuss current consumption patterns and sustainable approaches to growth. The event also facilitated networking of the oikos chapters and served as a platform for sharing experience between current members and alumni.

Mr. Helmut Federmann of the network ‘Wachstumswende’ introduced ideas of de-growth and enabled the participants to debate its main concepts and approaches that focus on decreasing production and consumption in order to increase human welfare and ensure environmental sustainability. In a unique oikos style, where participants become facilitators, local oikee Jacob discussed Niko Paech‘s theory on de-growth to further engage the youngsters in the topic and analyze each individuals role in changing current consumption/production pace.

Moreover, the participants gained hands on experience in upcycling and basket-weaving during workshops. By showing simplicity of this type of activities and emphasizing importance of these skills the event contributed to the development of the renewed sense of commitment to responsible consumption among its participants. In addition, the workshops also helped to generate new friendships and lasting bonds among the youth.

The event concluded with the guided tour through the Ecological Botanical Garden of Bayreuth where the participants had the opportunity to provide feedback to the organizers and reflect on how little, indeed, they have to do to create better environment for the generations ahead.