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How are casinos striving to be more eco-friendly

One of the most exciting things that you can do when going out is to visit a casino as they are not only filled with great games for gamblers to enjoy, but they also have restaurants and clubs inside of them to keep everybody happy for the whole night. There are whole city is devoted to casinos such as Las Vegas and Macau but with such amazing spectacles, it comes a price, and that price is the environment. With so much electricity being used by these huge casinos it’s no wonder that some people getting worried about them in terms of the environment around them. This is one problem that an online casino does not have as they are often very environmentally friendly due to the fact that they do not use much in order to keep themselves available to millions of people around the world. There are many casinos that are trying to create a better image for themselves by being more environmentally friendly, and one the main ways in which they are doing this is to apply solar panel technology to their casinos. What this does is allow them to create their own electricity from the sunlight alone that hits their huge casinos every day.


Not only does this help them the more environmentally friendly but it also saves money in the long run as they do not have to pay as much on their electricity bills every year. As well as this they are starting to change the types of lighting that they use to LED lights, even in their huge light shows are all designed to draw people in outside LED lights are started to take over as they can be just as bright as conventional lighting. In order to further entice casinos into becoming greener is an agency known as Green Key. This organization evaluates casino resorts based on certain criteria pertaining to environmental sustainability. Depending upon how they score they can earn one to five keys. The highest ranking is the prestigious five key. Many different casinos have been ranked by Green Key including the famous Bellagio in Las Vegas. Recently, the casino garnered a five key rating, up from its original score of four keys. To receive the higher rating, the casino updated its equipment replacing it with more energy efficient models. They also increased their efforts towards recycling within their casino. Another cutting edge change was the casino installing a charging station for electric vehicles. Other organizations do exist such as EarthCheck.