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Impact Investing Fellowship is open for applications!

oikos is teaming up with New England Impact Investing Initiative (NEIII) to launch a fellowship – a five-month virtual education journey for those either new to impact investing or looking to pivot their careers in the sector. The program will commence in January and is now open for applications.

The NEIII Fellowship is a transformative learning journey designed to empower professionals and students to gain hands-on experience and establish valuable connections in the impact investing and sustainable finance sectors. Fellows are introduced to the industry’s themes, approaches, and players through curated educational sessions, workshops, and small-group discussions. The program fosters opportunities for participants to advance their careers, connect with others, and gain insights from a diverse global class of Fellows.

The 2024 Fellowship Program:

The Fellowship is an immersive program aimed at equipping the next generation of leaders with the knowledge, skills, and networks required to drive positive change and impact. The Fellowship offers:

  • Access: Fellows will engage with real-world impact investing projects, learn the latest practices and insights, and gain practical experience from industry experts.
  • Network: The program offers access to a network of influential professionals and organizations to expand connections with impact-oriented experts and Fellows.
  • Learning: Fellows will benefit from tailored learning journeys, workshops, seminars, and educational sessions to enhance their understanding of the sector.
  • Impact: Fellows are given the opportunity to interview global impact projects and pitch their own idea to NEIII Partners to help understand how to create impact.

The full cost of the program is estimated to be $1,500 per person for the resources & workshops. Fellows are encouraged to apply even if the financial cost is a burden. A limited number of reduced-rate program fees are possible thanks to the financial support of our industry partners. If your organization would like to support this mission, please reach out to us at

Apply Here Today – Applications are now closed. 

About the New England Impact Investing Initiative (NEIII):

The mission of NEIII (referred to in speech as “NE triple I”) has evolved from building a thriving and diverse regional impact investing industry to broadly (and even internationally) democratizing impact investing & sustainable finance education in order to diversify & empower the next generation of impact professionals. Please join NEIII’s community of 1,000+ Impact Aficionados to receive all event and community announcements.

For more information about NEIII and the Fellowship Program, please visit

Contact Information:

For media inquiries, please contact:Stephen Snider

NEIII Coordinator