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Integrating Sustainability into Business Education

In February 2020 oikos International took part at the Integrating Sustainability into Business Education panel represented by Clementine Robert, the President of oikos International.

Business School leaders from across the UK and Europe joined at Imperial College Business School for an engaging seminar and panel discussion comprising sustainability experts from Business Schools within the Association of MBAs & Business Graduates Association network. 

Sustainability is one of the key issues of today’s society as confirmed by increasing attention of governments, media, academics and industry.

In the context of sustainable development, businesses that are often referred as part of the problem, can be part of the solution. As a consequence of that, policy makers, industry leaders, society and academics with different backgrounds are today dealing with sustainability trying to understand how this affects traditional way of doing business, and, as well, how traditional businesses are affected by sustainability. How to develop organisations with a sense of purpose, and how to build a sustainable competitive advantage are key challenges in today’s agendas of global executives.

This keynote addressed the topic of sustainability from a strategic perspective. Topics covered included: the drivers of the sustainability debate; the business case for sustainability; sustainability and competitive advantage; sustainability in business education. Attendees engaged in an engaging debate that covered different perspectives of the topics discussed, including the economic, the environmental and social one.

You can watch the panel on the Business Graduates Association Youtube Channel:

Article originally published by BusinessGraduationAssociation