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John Elkington “Business Education: Time for a Recall?


At the oikos FutureLab 2015, in the morning of the first day we have identified the main issues of management and economics education, as well as the challenges in improving it. We did this by creating a space for students, business representatives and faculty to have a conversation on eye-level. The session started with John Elkington. Check it out his presentation:


And his interview:


About John Elkington:

John Elkington is a writer and thinker, a serial-entrepreneur and an ‘advisor from the future’. He is Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Volans, a consultancy & think-tank focussed on driving market-based solutions to the future’s greatest challenges. John is also Honorary Chairman of SustainAbility. As well as sitting on some 30 boards and advisory boards, he has just released his 19th book alongside Jochen Zeitz, former CEO of PUMA and now co-chair, with Sir Richard Branson, of The B Team. The book, titled “The Breakthrough Challenge: 10 Ways to Connect Today’s Profits with Tomorrow’s Bottom Line” comes full circle from John’s 1997 “Cannibals with Forks”, where he first introduced the Triple Bottom Line concept. His latest work, The Stretch Agenda, is a dramatisation spotlighting top team dynamics and conversations in the fictional boardroom of a major global company, released in May 2015.