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Join the NexGenLead organizing team

Do you want to develop and apply your knowledge on leadership, while empowering other changemakers worldwide? 

Here is the challenge: to organize a three-weeks Global Virtual Program, in November, providing a hearty experience and diverse perspectives on Leadership and Sustainability! 

The NexGenLead aims to empower people, to be inclusive and to gather different perspectives for a sustainable future: your exceptional background and vision will be an essential contribution to achieve those goals.    

Join us and collaborate in a multicultural team, building together new mindsets and skills for climate action. As a changemaker, you already have the skills required to join the team: you are motivated, committed and you learn by doing.

By joining this project, you commit to participate in our virtual calls 1 hour per week.

Connect with us to discuss how we can learn from each other. Please send an email to

In the meantime, ponder joining the core team in one of the following roles or missions: 

Content alchemist

  • Defining the topics of the virtual  program;
  • Finding speakers (academics, students, professionals, coaches);
  • Defining the type of activities (webinar, panel discussions, side-events, live interactive workshops, live interviews with Q&As, reflections/learning sessions);
  • Designing the program (time; order of speakers, knowledge requirement).


  • Setting the communication strategy;
  • Design the NexGenLead visual identity (logo, images, format of the website);
  • Building the website;

Media ninja

  • Drafting communication texts ;
  • Drafting posts and publish on Social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, whatsapp)
  • Drafting & proofreading text for Website
  • Reaching out to the oikos community
  • Drafting invitation mail for the external community, partners, universities
  • Drafting “thank you letter” and “certificates”

Partnerships Architect

  • Finding key partners to reach out, share the information;
  • Find partners to organize “local hubs” hosting the NexGenLead;
  • Stimulate the creation of “local hubs” within oikos community

Knowledge Excavator

  • Creating a platform and collecting helpful documents to enrich participants’ learning experience (Speakers Bios;  Documents about partners)
  • Organize in the website the content sent by the participants (videos, interviews, texts)

Inspiration Director

  • Imagining ways of making the NexGenLead hearty and interactive (open-space workshops, and peer-to-peer discussions, energizers, icebreakers); 
  • Facilitate the interactions during the conference.

Technical Magician

  • Providing support for participants and speakers with technical information;
  • Make a tutorial presenting the different tools available during the program, list the material needed to have a good experience, explain the type of activities;
  • Master Zoom, Remo or other web conferencing platform.
  • Be ready to provide support in case of technical problems;
  • Leading test sessions;
  • Recording the event and chat notes;
  • Orchestrate all the creative elements (presentations, music, video, graphics, etc);
  • Split the participants during the event into different virtual rooms.

Participants care guru 

  • Manage registrations ;
  • Answer participants’ questions in english or in your mother tongue (Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin very needed)

MOOC wall-e

 We want to use the NexGenLead to generate and test content, methodology and probably to create a MOOC or other online educational resource)

  • Collect the main requirements of a MOOC creation;
  • Set the criteria needed for the lectures to be converted into a MOOC;
  • Skills on a video editing program to create the MOOC.

Impact detective

  • Create the tools to analyze the impact of the events (survey, individual calls);
  • Analyze the results of the collected data.