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Join the Responsible Leadership Thematic Squad

oikos International is opening a discussion group on Responsible Leadership (RL) from April to August 2021.

When: First meeting on Thursday 15th April, 6pm CEsT (Central European Summer Timer), for 1h30. Then once  a month.
Where: zoom, link to be sent on Tuesday 13th April

Please register here.

We are all facing highly uncertain times that challenge the status quo and require new ideas & alliances for a more just and sustainable tomorrow. As students, leading towards this future lies in our hands & we are invited to step together to explore what this future leadership looks like. The Responsible Leadership meetings will offer us the time and space to explore together different views on leadership and the competences that can help us to become better leaders.

This group will gather once a month for 1h30 and discuss the following topics:
1. Self-awareness
2. Ethics & Values
3. Systems Thinking
4. Stakeholders relations
5. Change & Innovation

During the meeting, you will have the floor to discuss with your peers about the aforementioned competencies and their link to Responsible Leadership, their definition, to exchange your experiences and perspectives, share questions and find a group to grow together as Responsible Leaders.

A fundamental underlying question will be how to integrate & foster Responsible Leadership in Education, particularly in universities.

Motivated participants can also take leadership in organizing a workshop or event to share some of the outcomes of this squad and to broaden the RL student community.

This squad is open for eveyone, both – members of the oikos community and students that are not oikos members can attend. We highly value the diversity of perspectives on this topic, particpants from different backgrounds, countries, cultures, and visions can bring.

The first session will take place on Thursday 15th April at 6pm CEsT (Central European Time, UTC+1), for 1h30. Punctuality is important for this session, participants more than 5 minutes late will not be able to join it. This session will be facilitated/led by Marcelo Veloso of oikos International who oversaw the NexGenLead program last year. Next sessions can be led by squad members.

Before each session, you will have access to readings and videos related to the topics. Here you can find those related to Self-Awareness, in order to further your reflection on the topic and develop ideas that might be discussed during the meeting.

Any questions? Please contact