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oikos Curriuclum Camp 2021: Call for participants

oikos International is hosting the first ever oikos Curriculum Camp! The event will be in person in Sestriere, Italy from approximately August 23 to 28th.

What is it?

Curriculum Camp is a week-long gathering for teams working on projects related to sustainability in economics and management education.

Through the Curriculum Camp, we hope to support the development of participant’s knowledge and empower them to carry out their projects of producing a number of specific tools which can be useful to the oikos community in our work to integrate sustainability into economics and management education. At Camp, teams, including those formed at the FutureLab, will have a chance to develop their skills and really focus on their projects, working on the development of a single concrete output that can take your initiative forward. The event will feature an interactive program which will support the groups in further developing their projects, and will offer training sessions on specific skills such as educational innovation, interactive facilitation, and creative communication.

Topical Teams Participation

We’re looking for small teams of 2-5 people who are working on projects related to educational transformation in economics and management and have a proposal for a specific element of their project they want to develop at Camp. The squads formed at the oikos FutureLab are most welcome to join to continue their work, but we also welcome all kinds of projects and groups! They could be about topical subjects like sustainable finance, ongoing research projects like a curriculum review or survey, or more organizational projects like finding the most effective ways to communicate with universities. Projects that have existed for a while will have more to gain from Camp, but the event is also open to newer initiatives.

For Camp, we want your team to focus on one smaller task that could be realistically completed within a week. Maybe this task is creating a guide or toolkit, like the oikos guide to pluralist economics, or maybe it’s building a new website or finding an interactive way to communicate about your project. It’s okay if you don’t have your task 100% figured out already—Camp is here to help with that—but we want to make sure you already have some specific ideas to work on from the start.


Individuals Participation on the Transversal Team

We are also looking for a few individuals to help support the teams as a part of a “transversal team” which will bring various skills and experiences to the projects at camp. These individuals will be expected to prepare an activity or a short workshop which will train the other participants on one of the various areas relevant for successful project management and execution. We’re open to all kinds of skills that might be relevant, but some examples of what we’re thinking about include:
– Coaching
– Curriculum change campaigning
– Curriculum development
– Workshop facilitation
– Team development
– Science communication
– Artistic communication (Visual, video, design, other…)
– Mediation

When and where will it be?

Curriculum Camp will be held in Sestriere, Italy from approximately August 23th to 28th. Sestriere is in the mountains, about two hours outside of Turin. Participants will be encouraged to meet in Turin, Italy at the start of the event to travel to Sestriere together, but it is also possible to reach Sestriere individually by public transport.

oikos is planning to offer limited travel reimbursements to participants (approximately 200 euro per person) and will cover accommodation for the duration of the event.

COVID Precautions

Our team discussed a lot about the pandemic and are taking the situation seriously. We decided to launch a call as the current regulations project that tourism between EU countries will be allowed in August. As of today, there are no restrictions for movement within Italy, and no mandatory quarantine for people entering Italy from the EU. Italy has been opening travel to more countries outside of the EU, although it is possible some restrictions will still be in place in August. The event is conditional on changes in regulations.

We will require a negative COVID test from each participant at the start of Camp. Precise protocol about the on-site precautions will be shared prior to the event.

If you wish to join the event but do not feel comfortable meeting in person, are part of a risk group or have other constraints, let us know! We wish to make this event accessible and we may make online participation possible.


Teams and individuals can apply for Camp with the link below. For teams, indicate a team leader who will be the main contact point. Keep your responses brief (about 250 words max)! To plan accommodation, we need to know how many people want to join from each team, so please let us know if anything changes after you submit your application.

Camp is organized by the Curriculum Research Squad of oikos International, a student group for sustainability in economics and management education. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Curriculum Research Squad by emailing J.Christopher, the oikos Curriculum Research Manager.

Selected groups and individuals will be notified on approximately July 15th. Any changes to the event due to the COVID situation will also be communicated at this point.

Applications opened on June 9th and will close on Sunday, July 11st

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