oikos Launches a new Curriculum Project

At oikos, we want to transform education for a sustainable world. One direct way to do this is to work to change economics and management curricula at the universities where we are present. To help member groups work towards local change we are launching the oikos Curriculum Project. The Project will kick off with a workshop at the FutureLab called “Building a Better curriculum” that is designed to help oikees think through the purpose of their education, and dream up new ways to teach economics and management.

The workshop was developed and tested this summer at the oikos Summer school in Vienna and events in Italy and France. After the FutureLab, special support will be provided to oikos chapters to adapt and replicate the workshop in their own university, and hence contribute to oikos positioning on this topic. Want to know more about this exciting project? Contact our Associate in Pluralist Economics J.Christopher Proctor (j.christopher.proctor@oikos-international.org) and our PhD fellow Stefano Ramelli (stefano.ramelli@oikos-international.org)

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oikos International

posted October 9, 2018

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