oikosNewsoikos LEAP Advanced Participants reflected on their Values

oikos LEAP Advanced Participants reflected on their Values

28 February 2018 | News

oikos LEAP Advanced Participants reflected on their Values

oikos LEAP Advanced participants came together to reflect on their values. On February 15, Kimberly Hunn from Edgewalker Group facilitated oikos LEAP webinar titled “Value Matters”.  She emphasized that values give people a common language and make it easier to negotiate and collaborate. “Values help us understand people’s motivation for doing something in a particular format” – Kimberly explained.

To help the participants identify core values in their life they were asked to complete an exercise. The exercise divided values into three groups: Foundation, Self-fulfillment and Greater Good. The participants tried to determine values that they perceive to be essential for their well-being, those that help build their identity and those that they believe are important for creating the greater good.

The advanced track participants left the webinar with a better understanding of their values and the  “self”.

About the speaker:

Kimberly Hunn is a Master Certified Coach, dialogue facilitator and entrepreneur with experience in the design and delivery of innovative learning systems and cultural change initiatives. She has served as a senior mentor coach with a leading international coach training organization for twenty years and has developed collaborative projects on leadership and organizational architecture in the United States, Chile, Spain, Switzerland, UK, France, Dubai, and Turkey.

Currently, Kimberly is developing sustainable business practices with her clients to adapt more successfully to a changing economic climate while preserving strong and cohesive relationships within an organizational framework. Her work is innovative, bold and engaging.

More information here: http://edgewalkergroup.com/about-us/kimberly-hunn/

About the oikos LEAP Program:

oikos LEAP is designed to inspire young leaders to become more responsible and sustainable in their decision making and equip them with insights, knowledge, and tools to do so.

oikos LEAP challenges participants to reflect on themselves and their values. Whilst adopting and sharing the lessons learned in their chapters, participants practice sustainable leadership. The result is strengthened chapter performance and greater impact in line with the oikos mission. These basics will, moreover, accompany participants throughout their lives and result in change towards sustainability.

LEAP Advanced is the most demanding of three LEAP tracks–a 9-month concentrated leadership experience. The program is open to all oikos members. More info here: https://oikos-international.org/programmes/leap/leap-advanced/