oikos Legislative Meeting April 2022: What decisions were made?

The oikos Community gathered online for the first Legislative Meeting of the year on Sunday, April 10. Decisions regarding organizational matters were made through a discussing and voting process which at which chapter representatives took part on behalf of their respective chapters.

The decisions on the agenda were amde in regards to the following voting items:

The oikos Annual Report 2021 was approved by a simple majority of votes. Following the vote, the report was published and you can find it and read it on our website.

The oikos Auditors’ report for 2021 was approved by a simple majority of votes

The new oikos International Co-president was elected by the community – Carolin Lemke from oikos Reutlingen was elected by a simple majority of votes. Her term as the next Co-president begins in November of this year and she will be succeding Sophie Charrois(2020-2022).

oikos Istanbul was approved the status of a full chapter within oikos International by a 2/3 vote of the Assembly. The chapter was first opened in 2021 and following over a year of active development applied for the full chapter status.

Chapter closures: following a prolonged period of inactivity by the oikos chapters in Bratislava, Edmonton, Leipzig, Luneburg and Vellore, the Legislative Assembly approved the closing of the chapter by a 2/3 vote majority.

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posted April 26, 2022

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