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oikos Legislative Meeting Spring 2021 Results

We are delighted to share the decisions adopted by the oikos Legislative Assembly which took place on March 28. Due to the COVID19 situation, the meeting was held online with represented full oikos chapters taking part in the voting process.

The Annual Report of 2020 has been approved. It is a very thoughtful created report with all the events, steps and programs we have conducted over the past year. You can take a look at it here

Moving the responsibility of the Auditor Election to the oikos board has been approved. We will announce the appointment of an auditor later this year.

New exciting times are coming up and the constitutional adaptations have evened the way for those upcoming changes:
The amendments of all the paragraphs and the addition of a paragraph have been approved by you. Only the removal of former paragraph Nr.3 with oikos’ vision and mission has not been approved – therefore it will stay in the constitution of oikos International. The new constitution of oikos International can be found here.

The current oikos International President Sophie Charrois was confirmed by the Legislative Assembly in the traditional mid-term vote of confidence.

We would like to thank to all oikos chapters who attended the meeting, taking part in the voting process and shaping oikos International.