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oikos St. Gallen wins International Green Gowns Award

Our chapter, oikos St. Gallen is a winner of the 2021 International Green Gown Awards in the Student Engagement category.

oikos St.Gallen is the leading student-driven non-profit organization for sustainability in economics and management at the University of St. Gallen (HSG). It was founded all the way back in 1987 with the mission to empower student change agents, raise awareness for sustainability opportunities and challenges, and build institutional support for curriculum reform.

Over time the oikos initiative in St.Gallen has grown from the oikos Conference into nine diverse projects in different fields of sustainability (e.g. quality education, health and wellbeing or social innovation). Based on the local initiative, the network has grown into oikos International consisting of 50 chapters globally. Constant exchange with the international community supports diversity, inclusion, and cross-culture collaboration. Sharing the oikos vision to transform economic and management education for a sustainable world, the chapter’s impact grows exponentially as its members enter the job market upon graduation and spread the oikos mission to industry leaders.

This is a great honor for our oikos community and builds up on the involvement of another oikos chapter at last year’s International Green Gown Awards. In 2020 the Sustainability Days project, which oikos Graz is a part of, gained recognition as a highly commended in the same Student Engagement Category.

The International Green Gown Awards were launched on Wednesday at the UN High Level Political Forum. They celebrate the exceptional sustainability initiatives being undertaken by universities and colleges around the globe, covering all aspects of educational institutions. and are endorsed by United Nations Environment.