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oikos Sustainable Finance Career Map

Hello from Sestriere! 


We’d like to invite you to join a very special project on Sustainable Finance    

We would like the oikos community to join in co-creating our “Career-Map” and “Toolkit” . 


While at Curriculum Camp 2021, the Sustainable Finance Squad has been working on starting the website for our project. We’ve been working on: 

  • Defining what Sustainable Finance is
  • Explaining how you can use the Toolkit
  • Mapping the career paths you can take
  • Outlining the most important areas to learn about Sustainable Finance


You can help us! If you’d like to join the Sustainable Finance Squad, we’ve designed a Google Form for you to share how you might want to particiapate. Sign up here!


Become a part of our Sustainable Finance 

(Left to Right) Niklas Ziemann, (oikos Hamburg), Adarsh Mishra (oikos Graz), Karen Lin (oikos Lille), Stephen Snider (oikos International), and Ingrid Campi (oikos Barcelona).


Would you like to learn more about the project? Check out our flyer.


We’ve been contacting professors, students, and practitioners to help co-create the toolkit. Here is how you can help? 

  • What are some Sustainable Finance projects you have hosted? We want to feature the work you have done. 
  • Who are members and alumni interested in developing our platform? They will get to organize, network, interview, and write, 


If you want more information, feel free to reach out to Stephen at