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oikos Vienna at EAUC Virtual Global Climate Conference 2020

The EAUC Virtual Global Climate Conference in Education 2020 took place in November of this year featuring insights and debates from a number of high profile international speakers. Over the five day of powerfull talks, various sessions devled deeper into education issues, with an aim to foster understanding of how to educate and teach students and future generations to deliver change and bring support and care across our communities.

One of the speakers at the event was Liliia Akatova of oikos Vienna. Liliia represented her oikos chapter and the International network as the chair of the Transformational Student Engagement panel. Her role at the session gave her the opportunity to share the insights of transforming education at oikos Vienna. Lillia also notes that the diverse set of co-panelists from India, Tasmania and the UK proved to be a great learning opportunity about their sustainable achievements in their respective countries. “oikos Vienna is very inspiring”, wrote one of the session attendees in the chat as she was presenting. “This warming comment made me realise that every small action towards sustainability counts” – Liliia shares – “be it a Curriculum Change at one of the many business universities worldwide, a launch of the Green School to educate children in India, production of sustainable beer in Southampton, or a creation of a herb garden in Tasmania.”

EAUC is the alliance for sustainability leadership in education and oikos is proud to be a part of it, alongside it, also being a signatory of the Global Climate Letter initiated by EAUC.