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Sustainable Entrepreneurship with mympact – oikos AGORA Takeaways

On July 11, we were joined by Christian from mympact for our oikos AGORA who held an engaging presentation about current developments in the (DACH) climate tech industry. After a light and interactive discussion, our participants left the session with new insights on how creatively entrepreneurs can have a positive impact while getting inspired to rethink their own impact in their individual and work life. 

Thank you again to Christian and Yannick for your time and openness to virtually join the oikos community on a hot summer evening!

Here are some of the thoughts, learnings and takeaways from participants who joined the session:


  • In the session with mympact I learned more about the vast impact entrepreneurship field, especially in Germany. It is amazing to see that good ideas like mympact (personal carbon footprint) or 1Komma5 (individual energy solutions) get funding and the chance to thrive on the market. 
  • At the same time the conversation reminded me how important it is to always check back on the impact I have with my work on an individual and especially on an organizational level. How to make sure that my current project contributes to our theory of change? How do I choose the indicators to measure that? 
  • There is a lot more to learn about the fields of impact businesses and impact investing as well.


  • Amongst the next big tech companies will be those that are actively tackling climate related issues (e.g., emission reduction in food industry) and that it will be possible for entrepreneurs to become “rich” by solving big climate related issues with a startup, which is good thing cause it will financially reward those who actually try to do something good.


  • Reflection and perspectives about the journey as a startup, and general benchmark from projects/startups in Europe. 
  • Real case scenario about the journey of a startup, some barriers that you might get in the way.


  • Recent developments in sustainability in all spheres particularly in the consumer business aspect.