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The Entrepreneurship Academy 2015 in the Eyes of a Participant

Written by Davis Plotnieks, University of Latvia

If in the business world the devil is in the details, then in the academic world the devil hides in diversity. The oikos Young Scholars Entrepreneurship Academy was an excellent place to meet knowledge-thirsty counterparts from Australia, China, Germany, India, the United States and other not less great parts of the world to advance academic research and benefit from presenting and discussing own ideas and work. It’s a unique platform for PhD candidates, post-docs and young faculty in early stages of their careers.

I’m still inspired by the wealth of ideas, fruitful discussions and new learning methods that is something what many academic institutions could learn about from oikos when creating their study programmes, conferences or workshops. Balance between long academic discussions, intense work and QA sessions was achieved by long lunch walks, sledge riding and visiting one of the most vibrant and bustling places in Zurich – the Impact Hub.

Many thanks to our excellent professors Wendy K. Smith, Dror Etzion and our captain Claus D. Jacobs as well as Adriana Troxler for making this academy happen. Thank you also to all the participants that made this academy one of the best I visited so far. I can definitely recommend oikos academies as the next level after attending MOOCs from Stanford, Harvard and Yale. Great place to exchange ideas, learn from others and dive deep in many topics with long and fruitful discussions.

About the oikos Young Scholars Entrepreneurship Academy

On 19 – 22 January 2015, the fifth oikos Young Scholars Entrepreneurship Academy provided a unique platform for scholars in the field of entrepreneurship in the early stages of their careers focused on “Exploring Social Issues in Entrepreneurship”. It gathered 12 exceptional PhD candidates, post-docs and young faculty to advance academic research, expand networks, and build bridges into practice. The event included paper development workshops, professional development roundtables, research talks and outdoor social activities in the picturesque Swiss Alps.

Participants benefited from presenting and discussing their work in progress with leading academics who provided feedback and shared advice about academic career and personal development. They also had the opportunity to apply their expertise and skills in a HUB Challenge Lab in collaboration with the Impact Hub Zurich. Feedback were be given by fellow participants as well as three international scholars: Wendy K. Smith, Associate Professor of Management, University of Delaware, USA; Dror Etzion, Associate Professor of Strategy and Organization, McGill University, Canada and Claus D. Jacobs, Academy Chair; Professor of Strategy, Berne School of Management, Berne University of Applied Sciences & University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

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Pictures by Davis Plotnieks & Xuanwei Cao