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The first ever oikos International Co-President elected

On Sunday August 15 the oikos Community gathered to elect the first ever Co-President at an Extraordidanry Legislative Meeting. The meeting took place online and was attended by representatives of oikos chapters along with the oikos Advisors.

The decision wasn’t easy as the electors were faced with the choice between two amazing candidates and outstanding members of our community, both with years of oikos experience behind them and ambitious visions for the future. Over the course of the meeting the two candidates – Mehraj and Darija – presented themselves, their oikos journeys and plans and ideas for the next two years. The very inspired candidates were backed by equally motivated members of the community, whose thought-provoking questions sparked a fruitful and engaging discussion.

After the chapter representatives got to know the candidates, they were given an opportunity to further the discussion in smaller groups, exchanging impressions and thoughts among each other. These smaller discussions then lead to forming a few more points which the candidates and the community addressed together prior to voting. The entire democratic process and the engagement of the attendees earned praise from the present advisors who were impressed by the mature and thoughtout exchange.

Finally, the chapter representatives would get to vote on the historic decision that would shift our governing model to co-presidential and as the counting committee counted all of the votes, the final decision was announced to the assembly.

The first ever oikos International Co-President is Darija Miletić, whose term begins on November 1 of this year. We would like to congratulate Darija on the trust the community has showed her with the decision and wish her best of luck in the next two years. We would also like to congratulate Mehraj for taking the big step as a candidate and express our hope he remains engaged with our community in future.