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The French Alumni Network welcomes a New Ambassador

Fanny Bancourt became one of the French Alumni network ambassadors. She is former oikos Lille President and alumna, who shared with us a few word about her interests and aspirations.

“My name is Fanny Bancourt, I am 22, from France. I am currently in the gap year from my master in business management at the EDHEC business school (Lille, France).

I spent two years in oikos Lille where I was a member during the first year and the elected president during the second one.

After 6 months in a consulting company in sustainability and CSR in Paris, I am currently doing an internship in a similar organization in Buenos Aires. To improve my knowledge in this field and to discover another culture, I also chose to spend the second year of my master in Finland (2018-2019).

Interested in sustainable development, I have quickly been attracted to oikos and I chose to keep getting more involved in it: taking management positions, being present at international, regional and national meetings… I believe oikos is a wonderful opportunity that enabled and still enables me to exchange with French and international students and alumni on subjects that drive me.

Thus, I am really glad to be one of the ambassadors for the French alumni network. It gives me the opportunity to keep investing myself in this great family of dynamic and engaged people and to give a bit of my time for a network that already did a lot for me.”

Fanny Bancourt will replace Clémentine Robert (oikos Reims alumna) as one of the French ambassadors, since Clémentine has been elected as oikos President during last Legislative Meeting in March and will start her mandate in the coming October. The handover will take place from now until the end of September.