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The FutureLab Team Looks Back

Organizing an international conference with little experience and great expectations will always be a challenge. But since 2014, a team of young and enthusiastic oikos members has proven that it’s possible to create an event that delivers impact, connects people and changes mindsets. Hear from our oikos FutureLab 2016 how they experienced the past 9 months and what they take away.

“We chose the topic #Walkthetalk, very carefully with long discussions and basic reasoning. It summarizes all the buzz words that we have been hearing for few years now. All the more it represents action, which is the need of this hour. On the last day at the conference, when I heard the participants discuss- “It was a conference that left an impact for them to do something after they leave from here. They would not just want to talk but will now focus on walking their talk” I was left with a satisfaction and conviction, that we would get to see the ripple effect of our efforts in the near future. Smiles that shall last longer and impact that shall change lives.

I have organised various conferences before and while I took up this assignment, my intention was to work with the members from different cultures & background. To learn how to manage the same things in different ways. I must say, it was totally worth it. We had our difference of opinions, but all for a greater good. I was introduced to my evolved self and for sure, saw myself grow. I would recommend this assignment for the ones who are looking for opportunities to make impact on more lives in one shot itself. Ones who are willing to move out of their comfort zone and try out multi-tasking. Go ahead and take up this opportunity, you shall thank yourself for making this choice.”

  – Bhakti Khot, Alumna oikos Pune


“Education matters, for sure!

From the age of 6, I’ve been a part of this huge education system in Germany. Today I’m 24 years old and I’ll receive my Masters degree in less than a year’s time. Which implies, for almost 19 years, I have listened to many teachers, speakers and lecturers. I’ve read hundreds of books and presented dozens of topics in front of more or less interested fellow students. Further, I’ve learned how to work in groups and to be inclusive, but also to be first in line for lunch in the school-cafeteria.

I’ve always thought, “what’s next?” And I realized, It’s time for action. It’s time to change something. It’s time to #WalkTheTalk.

This is why this year’s topic for FutureLab has been very close to my heart, and to my whole organizing team as well. Our intention being same, was to spread a call throughout the oikos community; to bring into light, the inspiring stories. A call, not only, to talk about the values that drives us, but also, to share the walks which have had their impacts to make the world a better place. And I’m sure this eager call changed a lot. To see it yourself, have a look at our amazing conference video:

It was my honor organizing the FutureLab and being part of the great international team. Not only the topic but also the people involved in making this conference a memorable one, helped me to grow in very many ways. We had our ups and downs. We had our fights. But we also had consensus for the greater good. We had amazing moments of celebration and sharing, not just while preparing for the conference but also during the conference. It is great experience to have made, a memorable contribution to our oikos community. A heartfelt thanks to everyone, who was part of it. Now I see, more people than ever are ready to #WalkTheTalk.”

  – Christopher Burgahn, who was new to oikos before joining the team


“Writing this part out feels like an Déjà vu of some kind. I had always anticipated what it would feel like, after having completed this milestone work of organizing the FutureLab 2016. And that feeling, I still cannot put a finger on it and elucidate what it felt like. It is one of those megananomous feeling that will never fit into words. It started as something that bubbled within after attending the FutureLab 2015, leaving me inspired to create more and achieve more in the field of Education and truly making it matter. Seeing the call for the organizing team for the FutureLab 2016 felt like a stepping stone. That’s how this amazing team came into existence. After what seemed like endless discussions on our ideas of perspectives and putting everything we had onto the table, we zeroed down on the topic of Walk-The-Talk something that tugged all our hearts. We all realized that there were times, even we forgot to walk on the path we chose and spoke about. It seemed only fair to reach out to oikees all around with the motive for creating a ripple effect that helped us to always keep a check on ourselves and inspires us to walk on the path we chose. From the speakers we decided upon to the Learning Circle managers to the participants, we always asked, “How do you walk the talk?” We wanted to know what these amazing people did in their daily lives making them the epitome of ideal walkers.

As a team, we were overjoyed when participants took over the Open Space and talked about projects that helped us take this ripple far and wide.  A big thank you to everyone who made this possible including you reading this.

It was always the FutureLab of the participants, designed for them, that would inspire them to lead the most powerful lives they are capable of.”

  – Nimisha Ghorpade, Alumna oikos Pune and oikos New Delhi


“Organizing the FutureLab 2016 was one of the best experience in my life so far. Working together in an international team towards a certain goal was incredible and I have learned so much in the process. Not only how you Walk The Talk together, but also how wonderful it is to work in a team, where you can trust and rely on each other.

For the participants and speakers I hope they got new ideas how to make the world more sustainable, had a good time and take some actions after the conference.

I am looking forward to hear more about their journey during the next Spring Meeting or FutureLab.


  – Christoph Rappitsch, Alumnus oikos Vienna and oikos Associate on Digital Economy

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