oikos Guide to Pluralist Economics translated to German

We are proud to announce that our oikos guide to pluralist economics is now available in German.

The guide introduces readers to the wonderful world of pluralist economics, which envisions an economics where a diverse set of theories and methods are taught to students in the undergraduate education. It is a great tool for self or group study, and is used in an interactive workshop that helps students get into the shoes of different types of economists.

The original guide was created by J.Christopher Proctor in his role as the oikos Associate. The German translation was done by Alexander Tesch.

See the German version here.

You can access the English version of the guide here. The Italian translation is also available here. To learn more about running the pluralist workshop, or if you’re interested in translating the guide into your language, contact J.Christopher at j.christopher.proctor@oikos-international.org

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oikos International

posted January 29, 2021

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