The Journey So Far In oikos Leap – A Sustainable Leadership Programme For Young Leaders


oikos was founded in 1987 by students who, in consequence to the absence of sustainability in their formal educational programmes, aimed to empower young leaders to drive sustainable change (oikos, 2016). Close to thirty years later, the majority of universities still fail to integrate sustainability holistically and struggle to develop sustainability leaders, resulting in a “leadership crisis” (Myatt, 2013; Green, 2013). This paper seeks to present the methodology and impact of oikos’ leadership programme (oikos LEAP), created to provide young leaders with an opportunity to discover and practice sustainable leadership in their lives. In 2015, oikos LEAP, was attended by 40 young change agents, of which 17 voluntarily committed to the Advanced Track experience. Whilst oikos LEAP offers three tracks, this paper focuses on the Advanced – an online-offline experience providing formations from webinars with Robert E. Quinn (2005) to personalized coaching hours. This paper presents observations by oikos LEAP managers who discuss feedback expressed in individual and Peer2Peer reflections to imply transformation. Numerous participants claim their perspective on leadership has evolved, others feel enlightened by the practice of self-discovery. Though in its early stages, oikos LEAP has, thus far, proven to fill an educational and personal gap in the lives of young change agents.

Authors: Anita Negri, Adriana Troxler
Institution: oikos
Year of Publication2016
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posted June 21, 2016

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