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Tips To Lowering Your Golf Handicap

All golf players have one thing in mind, whether they are professional or simple amateurs who like to detach themselves from stressful jobs by hitting some balls on the green: improve their game.


The Obsession To Play Better


No matter what size your handicap might be right now, chances are you are continuously trying to improving it; better said, you are trying to lower it. This goal often times leads less skilled players to take on some at least peculiar game techniques which are not prone to lead to success. Failing to complete the proper warm-up sessions, being too aggressive when they should do the exact opposite or solely focusing on buying the most expensive pieces of equipment are big mistakes they usually make. If you have already identified one or two sins you also seem to be guilty of, these next few tips should help you change things around in the favor of your handicap.   


Never Ignore Warm Ups

Use a sort short iron and do a few quarter and half swings. Use short swings to pitch the ball; if you notice you are incapable of pitching the ball like this, chances are you will also not be able to hot it using full swings. Focus on constantly making good contact and make sure the clubhead rotates properly while creating an impact. Work on an easy rhythm and try not to make yourself swing if you cannot do it yet. Browse our site and learn some extra tips on how to improve your swings; do not forget to take the stress away after each golfing session – we recommend you go here and play your favorite games of lottery online.

Do up to 10 good pitches and then move on with the rest of your warm-up. Try to perform longer backswings and work your way to reaching full swings. Change irons and start all over. The idea is to get your muscles ready to play, get into the smooth rhythm of the game of golf and manage to obtain a powerful contact with the ball.