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How to reach out to people & what does sustainability mean to them? – TE Squad meeting January

Join us for the first Transforming Education Squad in the new year of 2023. We hope you all had a great start and are full of new energy and motivation to keep improving our education together!

A new year, a new meeting, a place to make new connections and friends – this is one part we strive for in our next monthly call. Meet your peers who actively work on TE projects, bring your experiences and questions to the table and discuss with like minded and motivated people. But also create stronger relations and bonds, to be able to get support when needed. This is what the TE Squad wants to create and offer in an enjoyable and easy going environment.

But what is a Squad meeting without a key topic. This time, we will exchange and collect together on the topic of “How to reach out to people & what does sustainability mean to them? If you have touchpoints with this question, if you dealt with it already, or if you are just curious to learn and co-create some awesome marketing material to actually reach out to people – then you should join our next call!

We also will have our voluntary 30 min mentoring space after the meeting, so bring your individual needs and we are happy to find answers together,

As always if you have any questions please feel to contact us at any time either via email: or find the ‘te-squad’ group on oikos Discord server and feel free to invite others interested in the topic to come with you to the next TE Squad meeting!

Join the call on 26th of January, 4-5.30 pm CET and optional until 6 pm through this Zoom link.

We are really looking forward and can’t wait to see you all there!
Your TE Squad-Team