Our community in numbers.

We have a diverse community and a global network of students, staff and alumni.

But that's not all:

Moments when our colorful community meets are fests of mutual learning, bringing all of our rich experiences together and nurturing friendships across cultures and domains.

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Active members from all around the world.


Chapters worldwide.



Voices & stories
oikos is a journey. Read about what makes them unique to each of us. What all of them share? A sense of community and agency in creating change together.
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"I feel empowered by all the things I learned, and I am able to make better decisions when it is needed the most."

"This self-discovery program was so essential to help us, participants, become responsible leaders."

"LEAP has changed me for the better, and I hope that it will continue to change me as I reflect on each learning that I got."

What our chapters are up to

events & projects

This is a sneak peek of what's going on in our community. Make sure to visit our regions and explore the different channels of our local chapters to learn more.

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Our chapters invite great guests and exchange perspectives all around the topic of sustainability. Listen in and explore the different tunes of our community.

what we are working on

Thematic squads

Squads are the spaces where we have conversations that matter on topics that move the whole community, developing new concepts and solutions for everyone.