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Board Meeting 2020


Just a few days into the New Year, the New Board got together in fellow oikee Adriana’s house in Oberentfelden, Switzerland for a yearly strategy meeting. Have a glimpse on how it went and get some insight into how the Board works. We encourage any chapter to consider organizing such meeting with its board to bond and make its work for the year coherent and even more impactful!


Welcomed by a lovely letter the board felt directly home. Three exciting, draining and fruitful days lay ahead of them.


During the strategy meeting on Friday we found a common ground with the discussion of the vision and mission of oikos, creating the strategy until the end of the year 2020 and its execution plan which was discussed together with the management.


The strategy meeting was not just used for setting a common understanding of the mission, vision and the aims, which shall be reached until the end of the year. It also included Team Building and lots of Energizer to set up a team culture and help the board members to get to know each other closer.


Saturday was an intense day for the whole board. Every domain presented its projects for this year, the goals to be achieved and the timescale for them. This helped the board members to find synergies, where close cooperation is needed to achieve the goals. Although Luisa and Sophie could not join on-sight there were always present via Zoom. They were taken via phone everywhere – whether it was going out for a walk in the forest or having some lunch in the evening. And speaking of communication tools – it was also on Saturday that we discussed the way it works and how it communicates.


The last day we finalized the strategy meeting. We closed the remaining open question and further talked about participation in the COP25, the on-boarding and starting of the working groups as well as communication with the chapters.

Although those were a few really exhausting  days the board had lots of fun and feels unified now to work towards oikos mission and vision and looks ahead to a successful and prosperous year 2020.


If you want to reach out to the board, feel free to write to: