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Apply for the oikos Board 2019/20

oikos seeks  a strategic-minded team from a pool of passionate oikos members and alumni  who are ready to change the world and strengthen our community. Do you want to develop your leadership skills in a truly global context while embarking on the journey of a student-led, international non-profit organisation working towards a more sustainable system? Apply today to become Vice President (VP) of oikos International!

Desired experiences/skills

  • Active oikos member  or recent Alumni 
  • A minimum of one academic term (4 months) of experience at oikos at any level
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken)

General Opportunities and Benefits

  • Co-create & shape strategies & vision of oikos, help to guide the organization and reflect on the outcomes at the end of your term 
  • Engage in international sustainability projects with a powerful impact on our community & society as a whole
  • Enhance your network of students, faculty and sustainability professionals from all over the world
  • Develop your leadership skills by taking over a large number  of responsibilities 
  • Coppabirate with a diverse, international team in an open-minded, agile, environment

Commitments & general Responsibilities

  • A commitment to, and a clear understanding of the mission and vision of oikos 
  • A commitment for the one year board term and throughout the handover process (November 2019 –  December 2020)
  • A commitment of approximately 10 hours per week. We request candidates who are planning to go on exchange, graduate, or take up a full-time job within the term to carefully consider and elaborate if they are able to fulfil a sustained commitment
  • Be available for regular calls, annual international on-site meetings (Spring Meeting 2020, FutureLab 2020) and board strategy meetings (winter, summer)
  • Developing a strategic direction and implementing, aligning strategic and operative plans in the domains
  • Providing stability and continuity through alignment with the oikos constitution, guidelines and principles and the biannual oversight and review of impact indicators
  • Establish and facilitate working groups which act as functional departments of the organisation.

Role of the Board

The oikos International Board governs and manages the departments of oikos International and governs strategic decisions for oikos to be a sustainable organization and have a sustainable impact. As representatives of the oikos community, the VPs have the opportunity to inspire and empower the network towards oikos’ purpose, mission and vision. Contributing to the organization’s development and sustainability, VPs work in dedicated departments and roles and collaborate with the oikos management team, the working groups, the community and the strategic partners with similar objectives. 

Current Roles and Board Members

[toggle title=”International Vice President Strategy & IT”]

Current VP: Wyatt Ball

Provide strategic and operational direction on the use and optimization of digital administrative tools as well as data management policies and processes to support oikos mission. Ensure that adequate systems and processes are in place for monitoring organizational performance, monitoring the general performance and impact of the organization against the objectives of the oikos community, and reporting to the community.

Another responsibility is to provide strategic and operational direction on oikos outreach to increase its visibility and oikos global impacts towards its vision and mission.


[toggle title=”International Vice President Fundraising and Partnerships”]

Current VP: Jakob Eberhagen

Provide strategic direction in financial management, fundraising, and internal controls; and managing working group under his/her authority. work towards and secure adequate financial resources.

The main objective is the facilitation of new partnerships by reaching out, coordinating the conversational process and negotiating the terms of the partnership alongside the president and management team.

Another responsibility is the support and fostering of the existing partnership base in collaboration with the president.


[toggle title=”International Vice President Marketing”]

Current VP: Alexis Troup

Provide strategic and operational direction in communication including oikos International’s website, social media accounts, newsletters, print media, and other marketing channels and manage working group under his/her authority.

Another responsibility is to provide oikos chapters support in their communication and marketing strategy and operation while showcasing the chapters’ activities and impact at the international level.


[toggle title=”International Vice President Alumni”]

Current VP: Benoit Pitsaer

The Alumni network is key for the organization. As VP of alumni, you get in touch with incredible leaders across the globe, your work is of prime importance to connect different generations of our community You invite alumni to feature in monthly portraits, inspire several generations to get on board, connect them with each other  and to oikos activities in order to provide best quality programs and events that meet the oikos mission and vision.

In other words, you become a catalyst for sustainability wherever the world region you work on. That is the amazing power of the oikos community and an amazing opportunity to bring change on a global scale.


[toggle title=”International Vice President Organizational Development”]

Current VP: Sophie Charrois

Next to managing the chapters with the help of regional facilitators and processing all chapter applications and closings, the role of the VPOD is to envision, develop and implement the structural interrelations of the community. Together with a Working Group and based on the voice of the community, we created an impactful concept and are currently entering the implementation stage. Exciting and interactive times are ahead!


[toggle title=”International Vice President Programs”]

Current VP: Sarah Martin

The VP of Programs provides strategic direction to develop and evaluate programs designed to earn public understanding and support of the oikos mission and vision. All oikos International programs should support and equip oikos chapters and community to reach oikos mission and vision on a local and international level. Have an overview of the different programs/projects of oikos international, stay up to date, make links between programs and ensure their best impact, ask program managers if they need help, stay connected with the president, connect fundraising, communication etc with project managers.


[toggle title=”International Vice President HR & People Development”]

VP: Eva Spate

The VP of HR and People Development provides strategic direction in the sustainable management of oI team composed of employees and volunteers (board, working group, facilitators), policies and processes. The VP develops and implements new strategies for hiring processes, onboarding and offboarding of new team members, general work organization, and for personal and skill development. The wellbeing of the people is a high priority at oikos, therefore the VP shall work on reward systems, work-life-balance approaches and team-building strategies. Additionally, the VP supports the Board, Management Team and President in various administrative tasks linked to HR, like budget allocation, accounting and fundraising.


If you are interested in applying and in need of further information, you are very welcome to get in touch with anyone from the Board. Send us an email to 

All positions and roles will be revised with the new team at the beginning of the new term 2019/20, in order to meet the individual and collaborative needs. 


If you wish to apply as a board member, send the following documents to

  • Your curriculum vitae (max. 2 pages);
  • A motivation letter stating why you wish to apply, the skills and the experiences you can contribute to the team and oikos in general, a brief summary of your time availability over the next year and what you wish to learn. Please state your 2 preferred positions on the Board and your visions related to these (max. 3 pages)
  • A short biography (100 words) and a picture for the oikos website 

The final deadline for handing in the documents is October 28, 2019 (72h before the Legislative Assembly). The candidates’ profiles will be updated online.

Applicants will be given 5 minutes to present their candidature in person during the Legislative Assembly in Geneva on October 31, 2019. The election will involve all chapters holding the status of a full chapter, which are able to cast their vote either on-site or online.

You will be elected as a general board member, the roles and positions will be collaboratively agreed upon. 

In case you are elected, we ask you to extend your stay in Geneva for one day (3.11), as we wish to discuss the roles at the first strategy meeting. Food and accommodation will be provided by oikos.

Feel free to raise all your questions at