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Community coming together – What is oikos AGORA?

The oikos AGORA is the NEW ‘central square’ for our community gatherings. Every week, oikees from around the world, coming from different chapters & houses, are joining in the center. We get together and do what we do best: sharing our stories, learning from and with each other & exploring our impact in the world.

Gathering as a community is a practice that is as old as humanity itself. Throughout history, across all cultures in different environments, people would come together with fellow community members to exchange, discuss and learn from each other. In ancient Greek, the language that also gave name to our organization, this central square, forum, was called AGORA, hence we saw it fitting to give the same name to the event which gathers the whole oikos Community.

At oikos, our connection within the network helps us to accomplish the transformations we envision. Whenever we come together, we take a stand to build these relationships & weave the international oikos community. There’s plenty of opportunity, both onsite, and now also online – in our very own oikos AGORA!

We’ve set the base for the regular online Community gatherings with the Community Hours over the past few years, and with the AGORA, we wanted to put to use the learnings and insights we’d made hosting it, allong with recognizing & listening to some of the needs of our Community. In a new format – AGORA will have a weekly gathering, which creates space for more engaggement opportunities for the Community, as well as open up new possibilities for oikees to learn and get more familiar with a wide variety of topics, while building meaningful relationships. Not only will the new format offer a diversity of topics, but also present opportunities for different facilitators – from members of the oikos International initiatives, to oikos Squads, individual oikos Chapters or oikos Houses jointly hosting sessions.

The weekly rhythm is designed to be accessible for all (also taking into consideration the fact that our Community is spread out in the different time zones), and invites different members of the oikos Community to host each other. Everyone can join and come just as they are, no preparation or language skills required.

As we prepare for the start of the new semester and all the exciting AGORAs coming your way soon, we look forward to seeing on TUESDAYS, starting October!