Economics and the Economic System: The Ecological Transition – STOREP pre-conference

The Inequality, Political Economy of Europe, and States and Markets Working Groups are happy to announce a call for papers to the YSI Pre-conference@ STOREP 2022. We invite you to submit your abstract to the pre-conference event organized by the Young Scholars Initiative at the STOREP annual conference. The pre-conference will take place at Università degli Studi della Tuscia, Dipartimento di Economia, Ingegneria, Società e Impresa (DEIM), Viterbo, Italy on May 25-26, right before the 19th annual STOREP Online Conference (26-28 May 2021). Young scholars can apply to the call for abstracts of both working groups. If selected, you will be invited to present your work. Selections will be made based on merit. Discounted fees, partial travel stipends, and accomodation available for selected participants.
Do not miss this opportunity to get involved:1. Young scholars presentations; 2. Mini course on input-output; 3. Seminars by renowned scholars.

The conference is scheduled to take place in person but arrangements are liable to change according to the evolution of the pandemic.

In a context of a global climate and health crisis, the effects of inequality, and the urge to put in practice the Next Generation EU to tackle divergences between member States have emerged more critically than ever before. These challenges appear in a context of unprecedented turmoil, in the middle of a pandemic followed by an energy crisis. The shock triggered by the virus has motivated the launch of an unprecedented plan (The Next Generation EU) that will determine how European Union member countries cope with the climate crisis, testing their ability to persecute the project of European Integration while putting aside its limitations. In these circumstances, the multiple dimensions of inequality have shown to be amplified by the shock, and the era of transition threats further the more vulnerable. Accordingly, current theory and policies are called into question, in the urge to come up with innovative ways to navigate the** Ecological Transition**.

We encourage contributions related (but not limited) to the following topics:

• economics and the environment
• ecological macroeconomics
• post-Keynesian and ecological economics
• input-output analysis for sustainability
• the inequalities-environment nexus
• sustainability and (vs.) circular economy
• the role of technological change in promoting sustainability
• sustainable development goals and global green new deals
• monetary and fiscal policies for the transition
• Quantitative and qualitative climate-economy scenarios
• the macroeconomic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic
• pedagogical strategies for teaching climate economics
• the state of economic research and teaching about climate change

All applicants must submit an abstract in English (300 words maximum). The submission deadline is March 31st. Decisions will be made based on clarity, relevance and originality of abstracts outlining the research question, method and (preliminary) results.
Do not miss this opportunity of getting valuable feedback from mentors and remaining part of the community.
The YSI will be offering partial travel stipends and accomodation to young scholars presenting at the pre-conference.

How to Apply

Young scholars can apply to the call for abstracts of both working groups. If selected, you will be invited to present your work. Selections will be made based on merit.
Submit your abstract here
Deadline: March 31st
Contact: or
For further Info visit the Conference webpage here .

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posted March 24, 2022

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