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Increase your imp!act and take a LEAP before the oikos FutureLab

Great news for all FutureLab enthusiasts who want to prolong their stay in beautiful St. Gallen! There are several ways in which you can spend the days leading up to the oikos FutureLab in November:


    • All active oikos members may apply to participate in the LEAP Advanced track. The Advanced Meeting will be held in Speicher (close to St. Gallen) on November 2nd to 4th.  It is the beginning of an intensive year-long journey, during which you will be continuously challenged as a leader. Webinars, coaching sessions, written reflections and another meeting prior to the Spring Meeting 2017 will be awaiting you. Find more information on the Advanced Track and on how to apply here.


    • All oikos Chapters may send one representative (generally the Chapter President) to the LEAP Intermediate Meeting on the 4th – 6th of November in Speicher (close to St. Gallen). This Meeting will be the kick-off  a 9-months learning journey, allowing participants to challenge and reflect on themselves and their values, and enabling them to practice their leadership skills in their Chapters. More information here:


    • Parallel to the oikos LEAP intermediate Meeting, oikees who do not attend LEAP Intermediate Meeting are invited to take part in an euforia Training Program, held exclusively for them in St Gallen. This eTP (click for info, fees and registration details), designed by the Swiss organisation Euforia, is an interactive 2.5 days workshop that supplying participants with the skills and knowledge to launch an imp!act event in their home town. The eTP will take place from 4th to 6th of November  in St. Gallen. This event is organised by oikos Vienna members.


To close off the oikos week it will of course be time for the FutureLab on November 7th and 8th. The FutureLab this year is entitled #WalkTheTalk and we are all eager to learn more about how others walk their talk and share our own journeys towards integrating sustainability in economics and management. Do not miss out! All the information can be found here: