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[CLOSED] Join our team: We’re looking for a TE Project Manager

We are looking for a purpose-driven individual with a dedication to oikos’ vision & mission and a drive towards transforming education to co-lead the oikos Transforming Education Initiative.

Starting date: 01st of November 2023 with 20% for onboarding (8.5 hours per week); December onwards with 50% (21 hours per week) 

Salary: around 1000 CHF/month for 50% occupation (the final amount factors in individual employee’s circumstances)

Location: remote

What you bring…

… a commitment to transforming education for a sustainable future

… experience in project management – especially organizing & hosting events online as well as onsite; creating outlines & agendas; measuring the impact of the projects, creating & managing budgets & leading teams of volunteers.

… the ability to work fully remote – with a stable internet connection, your personal laptop & equipment needed; a good command of online tools such as Google Workspace, Zoom, Miro, airtable etc.; and an openness to work & connect with your colleagues and the community over Zoom. 

… a high level of self-organization – planning & managing your tasks and work and holding yourself accountable; being proactive and able to anticipate needs of the organization & community; as well as a sensitivity to deadlines.

… a proficiency in English in writing & speaking – all your work will be in English;  if you speak other languages that is a plus, but not a must. 

… an openness to co-create – with your colleagues, dedicated volunteers and the whole community.

… a dedication to learning – in oikos we believe that we are always learning and we see the organization as a playground where we try new things and sometimes fail, but then learn from it and move on. Therefore, we are looking for someone with a learning attitude and the ability to reflect, review & adapt. 

What oikos offers you

  • Work in a highly purpose-driven organization and team.
  • Work in a young, energetic & agile environment with a multicultural, international team.
  • grow (from making mistakes) and learn new skills.
  • High level of flexibility and own creational space.
  • Gain experience in remote and virtual working.
  • Gain insights into the global challenges and opportunities of an international NGO in the sustainability sector.
  • Get a professional coach to develop yourself further & join other oikos opportunities.
  • Connect to an extensive network of NGOs and expand your network.

What else you need to know:

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